Friday, December 12, 2008

Escaping Reality

Grace and I were talking tonight basically how boring our lifes are and so we came up with something much better. We've decided in stead of the jobs we have now which are so not fun and the long hours our killing our social life (thats if we had one- I'm speaking for myself) we're going to open a studio. She's going to be my creative assistant- my right hand lady (what fun it would be to work with your best friend like that) She'd be so great with the kids during portrait sessions and making everyone comfortable and relaxed. Paul doesn't know it but we're going to show case his creations in the studio and along with that he can be our handy man and spare model and anything else we need hehe. Morning staff meetings will take place at Starbucks and all business meetings are to take place at Olive Garden- (bread sticks sounds good right now)

I'm adding in a requirement that a vacation be taken monthly (with pay of coarse) and Grace and I attend a spa on a bi-weekly bases (not because we're stressed thats not allowed- but for girl time)

We had some other ideas right Grace hehe :-)

Sounds rather perfect- in reality would it be perfect? probably not- but thats what dreams are for- to temporarily escape reality


Tammi said...

Sounds like my kind of reality about now.

jessa said...

lol Love it!!!!!!!

Paul♥and♥Grace said...

It was very relaxing to unwind and just dream.. =] Love ya!

The Middle J said...

Dreams are the best when you can share it with someone- thanks for being my friend- my prayer warrior- for just being there. I pray that I'm the kind of friend you are to me.

Love you girl