Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Counting in My Sleep

Today at work I spent the whole day balancing out month end and then year end. For most of the day I was $1.00 off and couldn't manage to find it. I threw up my hands and went to lunch. Someone asked how my day was going. I laughed and said I'm looking forward to working in 2009- several heads in the break room turned and looked at me with concern. I had to explain I didn't get a case of amnesia, reminded them that accounting rarely works in the current month. Other then the mysterious missing $1.00 that turned out to be an accumulation of pennies that I had forgotten about until I was signing off my computer my day was really good. Rather stress free. (I refuse to stress over a $1.00)

I was determined to come home do the church books (as I'm now the treasurer), upload pictures and do a really great post. I can't imagine anyone desiring the position of treasurer I spent the evening preparing a bank deposit- yes the WHOLE evening. Anyone want to take a stab at how much I was off when comparing actual cash/checks to what was entered in the books. Yes thats right $1.00. Actually it went from $1.00 to $4.00 back to $1.00. This dollar prevented us (by this time mom was helping) from playing a game with Dad. Yes thats right Dad wanted to play a game and we couldn't. Such a sad, tragic thing all for $1.00. If I dream about being short $1.00 I'm gonna go crazy.

Now its nearly 10pm and I need to head home so I can keep up with the sleep I got this weekend.

Oh one thing that I dont want to forget to blog about. I felt my first earthquake :-) I guess it was 5.0 on the scale. I had just slightly woken up and looked at the clock (9:05) and was debating rolling over and going back to sleep when I felt my bed shake. It felt like someone was at the foot of my bed shaking it back and forth. Now here I am home alone so this freaked me out. There was no going back to sleep as I leaped, flew, transported whatever dramatic adjective you'd like to insert- out of bed then realized the books on my bookshelf had shifted and a picture collapsed. Then the light bulb went on (*DINK*) and I realized it had to have been an earthquake. Sense I was up I figured no point going back to bed so I grabbed my book and curled on the couch to read before heading over to mom and dad's. Thats just a small portion of my relaxed but exciting weekend.


~LaeLae~ said...

HELLO! TREASURER'S PROGRAM on Excel does all that balancing and deposit things for you. SOOOO insanely easy that a blind man can do it~:P You want my grandad to email it to you? He made it for HQ, and the one on the Gen. website is not current. You know my email....
~Alaena Wright~

cokelady said...

I DON'T ENVY YOU. The $1.00 haunting you once and again, missing out on a game night with your DAD (the BEST), and an earthquake... You need a vacation, lady! ;-)