Saturday, February 07, 2009

Mission: Engagement

Was marginally successful. As long as you get a good shot it could be considered a successful photo shoot. With Jessa and Levi I took about 500 pictures in 4 hrs and came away with roughly over 300 good shots. With Katie and Dave I'd say I took maybe 75 and probably will come away with 20ish good ones and we were out there for two hours. That was two hours two long. It was a beautiful day- the sunlight/sunset perfect. Probably see no problem with that- so I'll give you one- beautiful sunny days = COLD. Seriously cold! So cold my tameron lense wouldn't auto focus and my hands were to cold to do manual focus for each shot. So I switched to my canon lenses then I think the cold was affecting the image stabilization either that or I was just getting to cold to compinsate for my shaking hands. Between being so cold that we were numb and camera equipment freezing up we called it a day. One of the other reason for lack of photos taken Dave had us doubled over in laughter.

So let me break down the events of the shoot- we went to go to there favorite coffee shop to take pictures- the place has new hours they close at three on Saturdays. Then we went to this tiled wall that is a treasure hidden in a back alley way- there was a car parked in front of it. So we decided to head down to ship creek- got a few pictures there- spent alot of time laughing. Then we did a little tresspassing *blush* went down to one of the peirs that with it being winter is not active on the way out I got the car stuck and Dave had to get me out. Then went walking on a railroad and onto an old iron bridge at sun set. It being so cold we called it a night- even though the plan was to walk around downtown at night for some pictures we call it quites. We'll go out some other time for more.

We went back to Katie's place and chilled out. Dave fixed us tomato soup- he had to have added something as it had a nice spice and flavour to it. The perfect thing to warm us up. We sat and talked until I had to go to leave for Bible study. These two are the first non-christian friends I've had. I think the only reason it works is their respect for me.

I had a blast tonight- and proved to Dave that one could have good clean fun :-D

I've got pictures to upload and edit. I'll share when I get done :-D


cokelady said...

Ha! Sounds like quite a fiasco. Don'tcha' hate when you have great plans and none of 'em pan out?! I'm sure you got some great shots anyway.

The Middle J said...

Normally it would have annoyed me- but we just kind of went with it and I think the change of plans actually worked in our favor