Friday, May 22, 2009

Let The Craziness Begin

Tonight is the start of all things Katie and Dave

I've got everything I was suppose to do for the Bridal Shower done

I've got my camera equipment ready to go

I've got to clean out my car and run and print their engagement pictures and then it'll will be a night of co-hosting the bridal shower and then off to dinner at a snazzy restaurant.

At 7:00 I've got to sneak out and go to my least favorite place in all kingdom come- David's Bridal for my second final fitting- the first one they did a shabby job at the tucks on the bust- (I looked like I had growths or something on top) so I've got to pick that up- praying its perfect. I've also got to pick up the shawls for me and the MOH (yes I've started using abbreviation) and a hair comb for Jessa's wedding. Head back over to join them from dinner.

Then tomorrow I've got to get my hair trimmed and layered, pick up my dress for Jessa's wedding (PTL it came early) and pray that it fits and needs no alterations.

Then I'll be available for Katie with whatever she needs- Rehearsal is at 6:30 and a BBQ afterwards.

Then its an early morning Sunday- ( :( I sadly will be missing church- who gets married on a sunday anyway -they're weird) I don't know what time I've got to join them but the wedding is at 4:30 and then the reception is at the Hotel Captain Cook

One would think then I would get to enjoy my day off but NOPE

Monday is backing all my stuff -clothes everything- from the apartment so that it can be loaded up on thursday-friday- or saturday of the move.

Work is going to be crazy this week but I thank God for the abundance of energy and time He's supplied- the days seem to be going by fast but I'm getting everything done that I need to.

I'll have boat load of pictures come .... well :S when they come :D



Tammi said...

Take a deep breath and let it out slowly and have a great time! Looking forward to the pics.

jessa said...

LOL I can feel your energy!! I laughed a few times. Love you Jenna!! Thank you for all your help your WONDER-FUL!!!!

Meg said...

michelle is getting married on a sunday too, the 7th, the one that camp starts on :(, except hers starts at 2 or 3 (can't remember), it's an outside wedding at the boat club out on west side. we'll be going to convention in the morning, heading to the wedding in the afternoon, then coming to camp late. Boo, but oh well, the things we do for friends, right?

take a deep breath.. don't forget to enjoy yourself!