Sunday, August 30, 2009

Trash The Dress -Alaskan Style

I havent done but a general look through of the pictures. These are just a few that I had to do a minor color adjustment or nothing at all and they were good to go.


this picture is one she wanted- they wanted  to recreate their cake topper. They had an Alaskan fisherman's theme for their reception and the cake topper had the bride on top with a fishing pool having hooked the groom at the bottom of the cake. So this first one was of that... its a little hard to see the line but I think they'll be happy with it 

are several in between these too that ive got to adjust lighting and a couple i want to do some filtering and playing with 
 The day was perfect- actually it was a bit hot- ok so under the sun with no breeze it was a lot hot. I think God is just wanting to prepare me for the assembly. They were great sports and we actually hiked the falls to the bridge. I was just going to take them around but she was wearing mud boots and he was wearing dress shoes and both were okay with it.  It was definitely different from shooting people I know- it took a little bit to get a  feel for their personalities. He's a bit cheesy (in an adorable way) but also shy so it was more him then her that I had to figure out but with in a few minutes it was just going with the flow and I think the flow was rather smooth. I'm meeting up with them on Thursday at the hotel and we'll see what they think of their pictures. In that time I've got to edit the 300+ picture taken and do up a video slideshow for them. I predict last minute packing and laundry lol typical of me :-)

Hope you enjoy (disclaimer: remember I have no control over the modest of the dress- all I can do is make sure I dont make it worse :P)


Gracie said...

They look beautiful!

Jessa Stephens said...

SO pretty!!!!