Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Oh the Things That Entertain Us Sometimes

I was playing with my phone at work (oh yeah btw I am now a happy owner of the iPhone- which this picture was taken and edited on then uploaded from my phone) and someone through the candy at me and the eyes landed like that on my desk. I dont know how many have seen the annoying Geico commercial but when I saw the eyes and went in search of someone with some cash to recreate the money saving Geico friend.

Here is the original Geico money friend- I have to say I rather like mine better


Jessa Stephens said...

haha! Thats funny!

The Church of God-Oklahoma City, OK said...

Eyes on a $2 bill...that is funny!

Gracie said...

Yours is definitely cuter! :) I hate those commercials with a passion, but when you sent that picture to me I burst out laughing so hard! It made my day!