Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Got to Love Technology :o)

Wahoo I figured it out... So it's been about a month now sense I've gotten my iPhone and could figure out how to blog with it. I can take pictures edit pictures post pictures receive pictures and a whole load of other things but I couldn't for the life of me figure out how to blog. Other the my professional pictures and any designing I do I really don't get on my computer much these days so if it can't be done with my phone It probably gets neglected. So we'll see how well I blog now. Let see how truly wonderful my phone is and see if I can post pictures from it. Oh well it'll have to wait I got a connection error. Maybe next time I got some pictures from the snow storm that blew into today. I'm sadden by the fact that I actually don't find the aspect of winter pretty anymore. I know 6-7 months of it lay ahead and that just depresses me. I'm going through a phase where I've got an itch to move. Well actually it's something I'm praying about if this itch is really God pulling on me I don't want to neglect to do His will just because in my eyes I see so many reasons to stay. Then I look outside and just dread the winter ahead :(

I need to go out with my camera and remind myself how beautiful winter is here. I see things so much clearer through a camera lens


Vicki Smith said...

Well, if you're tired of snow you can always move here. We NEVER have any. *pouting* --No, really, you need to make sure you find God's will, whether it be to stay or go. The only hope for happiness is to be in God's will.